The RF Photonics lab in UMass Dartmouth has full capability to design, model, and characterize advanced passive and active RF devices, photonic devices, and complete microwave photonic systems. The RF Photonic lab also has extensive, state-of-art test equipment and software tools. At present its facilities consist of two probe-stations, two microwave / millimeter wave spectrum analyzers that covers frequency range from 100kHz to 40GHz, a vector network analyzer (40MHz to 20GHz), a vector signal analyzer (up to 3GHz), a high speed sampling scope (8Gsps), four low phase noise frequency synthesizer sources (1MHz to 20GHz), a dynamic signal analyzer for phase noise analysis, a high resolution optical spectrum analyzer, an automatic optical fiber splicer, two 4 channel laser diode controllers, two narrow linewidth low RIN fiber laser sources, several high speed optical receivers up to 60GHz, and other advanced RF and photonic test equipment. The lab also has latest software tools for designing and simulating photonic and RF circuits. The lab recently procured additional 60GHz vector network analyzer and a 40GHz vector signal generator. The lab uses the Center for Nanoscale Systems fabrication facilities at Harvard University for photonic device fabrication.

RF Photonic Test Bench
50 GHz Network Analyzer
Wire Bonder
Wireless Signal Generator and Analyzer
Microwave Circuit Prototyper
Optical Probe Station